More Information About Jubril3

If you’re looking for fashion forward pieces for you and your family, Jubril3 | J3 is the right place. With both high end items and pieces perfect for when you’re on a budget, we make it our mission to help people find clothes that make them feel their best.

No matter your style, we believe everyone should be free to be who you are, without judgement and that’s why we house a range of styles so help everyone express themselves. Whether you’re into luxurious minimalism or you prefer making a bold statement whenever you walk into a room, Jubril3 | J3 is the perfect resource for you to find something that’s just right.

We are committed to empowering our clients to express their individuality which is why we curate the most incredible pieces alongside inspirational content. We pride ourselves on providing curation services, linking our clients to incredible designers and giving them the tools to showcase their personal style and brand.

We focus on helping all people find the pieces they need. We create and curate womenswear, menswear and even clothing for children. We’re innovators and pioneers always looking to help our clients find new and exciting pieces and to find ways to make online shopping even better and even easier.

Our founder is not only incredibly experienced within this industry, he also creates music which further inspires our business. Music and fashion have always had a symbiotic relationship and this expertise in both fields gives Jubril Balogun MCIPS a unique vision for both our in house brand and for the brands that work with us.

In addition to our commitment to innovation and fashion, we are dedicated to great customer service. We believe that customer satisfaction takes more than great products and our clients deserve to know we care about the quality of their items as well as the experience of buying with us.

Just because you’re not walking into a flagship store doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get that high quality experience and that’s what we always endeavour to give our customers. With worldwide shipping and professional, highly experienced staff, our customer satisfaction rate is our most important marker of success.

We’re for fashion lovers everywhere and whether you have a preference for powerhouse names or prefer small lesser known boutiques, you will struggle to find the kind of choice we offer here at Jubril3 | J3.

We feel that men’s fashion can often be neglected and isn’t always catered to in the way we’d like, which is why we take it very seriously. Whether you’re looking to wow at a wedding or show your colleagues who you are while still keeping it professional, we have a range of items perfect for you. We also boast a range of fantastic casual wear so you can look and feel your most confident no matter the occasion.

Our selection of womenswear is an outstanding display of innovative design alongside classic pieces. From minimalist looks to statement pieces, we curate some of the best looks for any occasion. If you want an elegant gown for a wedding or professional outfits that make you stand out from the pack, Jubril3 | J3 has everything you need.

We believe fashion is a vital part of life and that you’re never too young to start expressing yourself. This belief is why we stock an incredible children’s wear range. If your child needs a sophisticated look for an event or maybe you’re just looking for great clothing that is as unique as they are, we house a great range of items perfect for any mood and any occasion.

As a brand, Jubril3 | J3 believes in helping you express your individuality with fashion, music and creativity in general. With our experience in the industry, we curate great pieces as well as housing our unique brand. If you’re looking for a new luxury shopping experience that puts your happiness first, join our community and be part of our fashion revolution