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I attained in 1991 from the Polytechnic of North London, a BTEC HND in Business & Finance and in 1992 I was awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Purchasing & Supply, from the University of North London, the Polytechnic of North London and University of North London are both now known as the London Metropolitan University, whilst in 2004 I attained a European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) from Acton Training Centre (ATC), which has greatly broadened my IT skills and it enabled me to design the company logo of my designer fashion accessories business: Jubril3 | J3, I also designed the logos on my own brand handbags and baseball caps for Jubril3 | J3 and it also enabled me to design the logo for my DJ business: DJ Jubril B

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I am also a Fashion Designer; DJ/Presenter and Producer, by the name of DJ Jubril B; from November 2019 to March 2021, I was a DJ/Presenter on the Jubril Balogun internet radio show @ Love Da Beat Radio | LDBR, every Sunday evening from 20:00pm to 22:00pm UK time, (GMT/BST), LDBR was formerly known as Love The Beat Radio | LTBR

For the best in Pop, R&B, Funk, Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae, Grime, House, Garage, Dance, Drum & Bass, Dub-Step, Electronic, Afrobeat and Jazz, I would like to mix my love for music with fashion, to create a futuristic, luxury and designer fashion label and outlet for other brands, that you would like, love and respect, my DJ contact details are phone: +44(0)7850683017 or +44(0)7847113441 or +44(0)7306240371 email: [email protected] or [email protected] and my DJ website: www.djjubrilb.com

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DJ Jubril B | DJ JB – Facebook Group:
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Jubril3 | J3 – Facebook Group:
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I am also the Owner/DJ/Senior Buyer of Toxsie | Tx which was founded in May 2020, where customers can buy & download music, music videos, movies and computer games onto their computers, laptops, tablets and smart mobile phones

Also artists, bands, record labels, distributors, suppliers, developers, producers and directors can upload & sell their music, music videos, movies and computers games on the website for a small fee

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A smart mobile phone App for Android and iPhone, smart mobile phones would be developed for Toxsie | Tx in the very near future

Toxsie | Tx – Facebook Group
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I am also the DJ & Senior Buyer at Blue Sputs | BS which was founded in February 2021 and is a top-notch, luxurious, trendy, fashionable and very classy night club which would open very shortly in the very near future and would be based at a prime location in Central London, the West-End

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http://www.bluesputs.co.uk this website is currently undergoing construction

Blue Sputs – Night Club, Facebook Group
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I am also the Senior Buyer at Bel Autos | BA which was founded in April 2021 and is a car dealership where customers can buy good quality & affordable second hand cars

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Bel Autos, Facebook Group
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Our dedication to creativity and innovation is evident in our incredible selection of menswear, womenswear and children’s wear. We believe fashion is a vital part of self expression and that’s why we’re committed to making luxury online shopping even better and easier for our clients.Our mission is to provide the tools to allow people to show their individuality no matter the occasion which is why we carry a range of pieces so you can wow at formal events, let your colleagues see the best most confident you or just express yourself in casual looks.


Our commitment to our customer satisfaction is why we’re so invested is having great service. We believe the happiness of our clients is the most important marker of our success and we endeavour to be your favourite place to find everything from luxury labels to every day pieces to make you feel as confident as possible.

We believe that fashion is serious, which is why helping you source items that represent you, your ideals and your values is our priority.At Jubril3, we’re dedicated to creating a world of self expression without judgement. Utilising our creative impulses, we want to start a fashion revolution and create a world where everyone can express themselves sartorially.

If you’re interested in becoming the best version of yourself, look through our pieces today.




Check out my Avon, digital online store: selling cosmetics, skincare, makeup and beauty products
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Check out my Oriflame, personal beauty store: selling cosmetics, skincare, makeup and beauty products

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Also check out my Oriflame, Facebook Group named: The Beautiful Jet Setters Group and request to join the group
It is a cosmetic & beauty group for make up, skincare, cosmetics and beauty

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Sale: Menswear

As an often overlooked aspect of fashion, we’re passionate about menswear. This is the perfect place to find incredible discounts on formalwear, casual wear and activewear. This is the ideal place for anyone looking for high quality, luxury items on a budget. We want to help you look your best no matter your price point.

Whether you’re looking for minimalist looks or bold statements, our sale is a great destination for anyone trying to find pieces to help them express themselves. Let our clothing and accessories help you project the best version of yourself. From our own label to other brands, our range is just begging to be seen.

Sale: Womenswear

If you’re looking for incredible discounts on formalwear, office wear, casual wear or even activewear, our sale section is the perfect place for you. From clothing to shoes to accessories, our sale section is great for those looking for high quality products when they’re on a budget. No matter what you’re trying to project, utilise Jubril3 and our other designers to help you become the most confident version of you. If you’re looking to make sure the rest of the world sees the right you, take a look at our range.

Sale: Children’s wear

We believe fashion is a vital part of life and that you’re never too young to start expressing yourself. This belief is why we stock an incredible children’s wear range. If your child needs a sophisticated look for an event or maybe you’re just looking for great clothing that is as unique as they are, we house a great range of items perfect for any mood and any occasion. Our sale section is a great place to find high quality pieces even when you’re on a bit of a budget.

New arrivals: men

With new products coming in all the time, keep an eye on this section so you don’t miss out on the best, high quality menswear on the market. Whether you’re looking for suits, formalwear, activewear, office pieces, casual looks or accessories, we pride ourselves on our outstanding range as well as our incredible quality. Make sure you show the world the best version of yourself, unfiltered and take a look at our brand new collections.

New arrivals: women

With great new products arriving all the time, we advise keeping an eye on this section so you don’t miss out on that perfect outfit. Whether you’re looking for formalwear, activewear, looks for the office or more casual pieces, our huge range of high quality clothing and accessories has something to suit almost everyone’s style. From minimalist pieces to statements, we want you to be able to portray your favourite parts of you. We stock our own brand alongside designers you know and love.

If you’re looking to find the most confident version of yourself, our pieces are a good way to get there.

New arrivals: children

It’s never too early to start expressing yourself. That’s why we update our children’s wear regularly so be sure to keep checking in. No matter what kind of item you’re looking for, our range of clothing and accessories for boys and girls are always high quality and you can find something as unique in style as they are! With both our own brand and designers you know and love, we have a variety of styles and pieces perfect for your little ones.

Accounts: Customer

Creating an account is the easiest way to make orders. We make sure your information remains confidential while also making sure you can keep up to date with our new arrivals, special offers and fantastic sales.

Our customer accounts also make it easier for you to return or exchange any items that aren’t perfect.

If you want to be the first to know when new products arrive, your favourite designers have dropped a new launch and also have 24/7 access to your orders so you can review or cancel them at any time, out customer account is the best way to be one step ahead of the fashion curve.